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The return to prosperity - Family and Career Focus


Unlike our last article, when the Coronavirus slammed us all, we are proud, relieved and energized by the trends of not only our economy, but the re-establishment and growth of our jobs, as well as the Insurance Industry's new awareness and flexibility for those employees still struggling with working from home due to school closings, on-line learning for the children, or with potential health issues forcing them to remain socially distanced from coworkers; the sacrifices that we have all made over the past 7 months have been dire, and frankly, scary throughout.

Today's report? We are "back to normal" more than you know and perhaps feel. We pray, hope and support all of the restaurant owners, salons and those businesses that have been targeted to remain closed, that they can and will "hang on," and fight every day to come back to life, as we miss you and need you in our lives!

As for C. Winchell Agency? We have stood tall, remained working throughout and continue our recruiting efforts on your behalf. Our dedication to excellence and success with each of our recruiting assignments and candidates, HAS NOT and WILL NEVER FALTER. We can admit, that the new "virtual interviews" and "virtual placements and hires,"  is as new for us as it is, and has been, for you!!

Our continued prayers for all to remain healthy and safe, but always remember the power and strength of this Insurance Industry to afford us all with continued progress, growth, career opportunities and prosperity.

Cindy Winchell, President/CEO

C. Winchell Agency Inc.

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THE “A TEAMS” join forces!

C. Winchell Agency’s own, Terry Chartier, and Cindy Winchell, President/CEO (not pictured) visited with the recently named “One of Lehigh Valley’s Top Employers”, BROWN & BROWN INSURANCE BROKERS.

For those of you who are unaware, Brown & Brown is currently one of the top 10 Insurance Brokers in the Nation, currently ranked #6! Their Lehigh Valley/Bethlehem PA office is a successful, powerful, employee friendly place to work touting several employees with 20+ years of tenure with the firm. Offering Flex time for busy working parents, monthly in office massages, a beautiful office setting and much much more!

C. Winchell Agency is proud of our long standing relationship with such a successful company and it is our pleasure to wish each and every Brown & Brown employee of Lehigh Valley (over 100 in all!), a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS on your distinguished recognition!

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 “Can you HEAR ME NOW???”

When did the art of Recruiting and Human Resources become a computer game, like Minecraft?  

You spend more time “maneuvering the levels” than actually applying for the job and submitting your resume?  


Well, you should be!!!!


There are “key words” that you must have in your resume for a
successful search to actually result in contact and a possible interview?
However, those “words” are a BIG SECRET!  

They have been established by the company seeking to hire.

So, how are you supposed to know WHAT those key words might be?
If your “salary information” is not exactly right for the job being 
posted, you will not even be considered!
What if you live in NY and are willing to work “anywhere” but
the portal doesn’t give you that option to let the potential employer
know that you are willing to relocate. you will not be considered?

When you post your resume independently on Indeed, Monster, Career Builder, Linked In,  it is not your complete resume.

Resume boards condense your information to, in most cases, just an outline of your experience.

In other words, the “meat and potatoes" are missing!  

In some cases, even your CONTACT INFO has been deleted, forcing a potential employer, or a recruiter like us, to have to pay for access just to reach you!

In many cases, the Human Resources Recruitment division of a
company lacks insurance knowledge and experience and cannot,
with certainty, determine if you are qualified for the position or not?

Do you want to find that PERFECT JOB?  

Have you been downsized and displaced from your previous employer and need assistance to “navigate” the recruitment process?  


Let us navigate, maneuver and speak on your behalf.  

Telephones are not yet, obsolete!!!!  But doing it yourself?

You will be stuck in that “computer vortex” where you have no way of contacting the actual Human Resources Recruiter responsible for the search and filling the role.

Your resume will be in “cyber space” potentially for weeks and months with no positive result whatsoever.
Consider this effort as Recruiting "Mind Craft.” and we are YOUR EXPERTS.!!!   

We have the contacts. Yes, even the NAME, telephone numbers and emails for the actual Recruiters and/or Hiring Managers.
*We/I have spent our entire careers “building working relationships” with the insurance industry companies.  

Believe it or not, we can actually get someone on the telephone for you!  Hard to believe, right?  

GIVE US A CALL TODAY to get your job search started!
Cindy Winchell
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