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Automobile Claims



Medical Bill Review and Coding Administrator - TEMP

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(570) 839-1280

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Parsippany Area


Responsible position accountable for the quality control of all aspects of the medical bill review and coding of claims within the Association, including oversight of the functionality, performance and compliance of system processes, services and vendors.


Oversee quality control of file handling including, as appropriate, claims management and integrated medical bill review of claims, including coding, medical payments, litigation support and training. Assist the Compliance division with the effectiveness, impact, validity and relevance of Medical Management system procedures. Develop reporting and quality control methods to analyze date and workflow to ensure compliance within the Association. Oversee the quality control of medical cost control processes including vendor compliance. Audit Medical Management vendor issue list, escalate unresolved issues, track and monitor progress and develop strategies to address problematic situations. Audit files and invoices to evaluate and ensure quality control of all aspects of claims handling, as appropriate, including medical bill review and coding. Ensure compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as industry best practices. Other tasks as requested or required.

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