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General Liability Claims



Legal / General Counsel

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(570) 839-1280

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New York City


Attend and defend company at violation hearings throughout the 5 boroughs including DOT, DOB and DEP violations. Negotiation of settlements on an as needed basis including release documentation as needed. Non-insurance related contract reviews including drawing up additional language as needed. Negotiate collateral and collateral refunds from carriers. Ongoing development of injury procedure. Track and monitor deposition scheduling. Legal responses to plaintiff’s counsel prior to claims being officially being made. Obtain and maintain insurance and ID cards for all vehicles. Thorough understanding of general liability, excess liability, workers compensation, professional liability, pollution liability, builders risk, property, equipment and OCIP/CCIP policies and the insurance coverages contained in these policies. Independently procure and purchase insurance and negotiate terms and pricing with various and different insurance carriers. Close out and resolve the insurance and surety issues for projects with respect to insurance carrier audits. Negotiate collateral and collateral refunds from carriers. Maintain a fundamental and thorough understanding of the claims process most importantly with respect to reserves and the development of claims. Independently respond to inquiries on subcontractor bonding. Conduct prime and subcontract contract reviews for insurance terms and verification including the exercise of independent decision making when procuring insurance under such terms. Owner contract reviews related to insurance. Understand direct, indirect, consequential and liquidated damages with respect to available insurance. Work with insurance carriers and brokers to close out insurance claims expeditiously. Coordinate with attorneys on all insurance claim matters including; gathering information regarding the claim, coordinating with operations, collecting daily project information pertaining to claims. Responsible for collecting all incident reports from operations, ensuring that operations are documenting incidents properly. Ensure that all subcontractors, suppliers and consultants insurance certificates and policies are acceptable according to subcontractor and purchase order agreements.


5+ years of relevant insurance experience as an insurance manager, underwriter, broker or claims manager. JD required. Thorough understanding of insurance issues. High level of ability to work with complex spreadsheets. Ability to independently manage insurance projects for jobs. Ability to work with the estimating team on bids and the project team on insurance placements with the ability to promptly respond to inquiries and provide answers. Understanding the carrier billing process for premiums and claims. Strong written and verbal communication skills. Ability to maintain discretion and confidentiality at all times. Excellent time management and organizational skills.

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