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Remember when ...

You looked forward to listening to Sirius radio while sipping your morning coffee of choice in the car on the way to work?

When "sweatpants" were for relaxing at home and not your work wardrobe?

You actually showered EVERY DAY

Your office wasn't 3 steps from your bed?

You could collaborate with your colleagues on a work issue by simply looking over a cubicle or going into their office?

You would enjoy lunching with your work "friends" or maybe having a beer or a glass of wine?

The afternoon staff meeting was actually attended in person -face to face -with everyone involved sitting around a table? Not faces on a screen that resemble "The Brady Bunch"?

Your work day ended with you getting in your car and driving home to be greeted by your family and loving pets after an 8-hour day and not 14 hours with no lunch?

So much has changed over the last 2 years...To a certain extent, not for the better. Thanks to COVID, shutdowns, vaccine mandates and the like, it appears that working remotely, or a hybrid schedule may be here to stay. Think about what got you to where you are today. Work visibility, taking the initiative to handle special projects, mentoring the "new comers", making yourself "unforgettable" and using your knowledge and expertise to shine each and every day. Today's climate has brought about a complacency, malaise and yes, even laziness."You" have always driven the Insurance industry to exceptional heights of success. We need to start 2022 with a new drive and enthusiasm. Be flexible, but get Back to the Office! Even if it's in a hybrid situation! Find your way back to "normal", whatever that means for you.