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Resume Tips

Problems listed last.
Most candidates bury their least-flattering details about themselves at the end of their resumes. Be sure you don't drop hints by including credentials that are troublesome.

Sketchy educational credentials.
Educational credentials are a good barometer for predicting personality characteristics and work habits. Listing special seminars, instead of actual college credits, may show a weakness.

Functional resumes.
A resume without dates can raise questions about career stability or excessive job changes.

Don't try to disguise weak work experience with long lists of outside activities and hobbies.

Phrases such as "assisted with" or "had exposure to" will raise red flags with recruiters.

Omitted qualifications.
Not including certain skills means you don't have them.

Anger at former employers.
Any hints of bitterness about earlier jobs may brand you as a troublesome employee.

Employers know they have a winner if they can detect signs of commitment and hard work.

An uneven track record.
The best resumes demonstrate a steady progression of accomplishment and success, as shown by promotions, achievements and responsibilities.